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Thursday, March 11, 2010, 12:00 PM
blog #16

so the contractors came earlier to look at my master bedroom toilet. they're gonna hack the bathroom floor and replace the tiles and toilet bowl.

oh yeah, forgot to mention this before, but my 3rd floor neighbour had complained to HDB about their master bedroom toilet roof leaking. apparently the leak was on our side, so we had to re-do our tiles and change the toilet bowl. the wholething actually costs $800 to do. but it only cost us $200, cause HDB is paying $400 and our 3rd floor neighbour is paying the remaining $200.

so i guess we're getting the better bargain, cause we're getting our toilet done and our neighbour's paying our other half. lol!

anyways, they came in today to take measurements and i had to choose the floor tile and toilet bowl colour. i chose black for the tiles and grey for the toilet bowl cause the only other colours they had were baby blue, apple green, peach and boring white.

so they're gonna come in next week. that means three days of reno noise... which i fucking hate! but what to do, the toilet needs fixing. -_-

oh, and i signed up for the blogger symposium that's gonna be held on 3rd april. i signed up under xiaxue, cause i didnt know who the other bloggers were. confirm her workshop packed like hell.

im gonna submit a photo of lutfi for the "hapiness" mini photo contest. i hope i win the canon s90 camera. wish me luck!!!

that's all for now. yes, i realise my whole post was about toilet bowls and floor tiles. very the mundane. lol!

so to make this post much cuter, i shall end it with a photo of lutfi playing with bubbles.



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Tuesday, March 09, 2010, 4:45 PM
i was just wondering...

... why is it hard to find cheap bras in big sizes? i was at the market this morning when i saw this couple setting up a booth (like night market booths) selling bras and panties for only $2.

so i went over to find my bra size (*ahem* double DD =P) only to find that the largest that they have are B cups. there were'nt even a c cup in sight. only As and Bs.

its like a fucking nerd's report card.

anyways, that got me to thinking, how come big bra sizes are so expensive? my bras always costs around $20 - $60. and those that are selling below $20 are always the small size ones. and they come in pretty designs too.

a friend of mine used to tell me that the reason small sized bras come in cheap and pretty is because flat chested women need something to cover their shortcomings, i.e their small breasts.

i find it very unfair that we big breasted women need to spend more money on bras. even clothes cost more for big women. i feel the need to do something about this. pfft!

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Friday, March 05, 2010, 5:03 PM
time for some photos...

i swear it was going to rain yesterday. you bluff me ah sky!!!

my fridge
been collecting mr men and little miss fridge magnets from 7-11. i keep getting the same alphabets. i wanna have the complete set!!!!

drew a ben 10 tattoo on his arm, cause he kept bugging me to do it. my son is hardcore!!!

that's all for now. will take some more pictures tomorrow.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010, 10:40 AM
i hate...

...singaporeans who act all smug and think they're bloody trendsetters and are fashion icons.

what the fuck?

worst, they look at people who dress normal and think these people are not worthy to be friends with them.

FIRST OF ALL what trend are you setting anyway? evrything that you're wearing, everything from head to toe HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE! you think you made that look happen? look again idiot! there's like 18273940585 people wearing the SAME FUCKING LOOK! and stop saying you're unique. NOTHING IS UNIQUE ANYMORE IN THIS WORLD!

even lady freakin gaga isnt unique. her look HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE! you want unique, go look up michael jackson. he was unique. God bless his soul.

oh and btw, STOP CALLING YOURSELVES TRENDSETTERS! unless you can make a ziplock bag look good on you, you are not a trendsetter! i repeat! NOT A TRENDSETTER!

and yes, we other people are mats/minahs/ah lians/ah bengs. ive got news for you scene people... YOU GUYS ARE MATS/MINAHS/AH LIANS/ AH BENGS TOO! yes, i said it. unless your ic states that your race is caucasian or european, then you my friend are all of the above. everybody's a mat/minah/ah lian/ah beng. we're asian. we're not americans. stop trying to be like them. like my mom used to say:

"makan belacan nak step mat salleh konon."

so yes. stop all this trendsetter nonsense. you're more likely a trendwanker than a trendsetter.


p/s: this post has been done 1374859573 times before. i am not original, just like the rest of you.

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010, 4:22 PM
blog #13

this weather is fucking ridiculous! let it rain please!

on a lighter note, they've finished installing the new lift at my place already. its like im living in a freakin penthouse now, cause the lift is right at my doorstep and its only us and my opposite neighbour using the lift. so shiok!

nothing much has been going on. the girls are coming down this saturday for a shoot. so that means i'll be posting in new shots on this blog and on my site. cant wait!

ive been tweeting non stop today. i was lucky i logged on to twitter this morning, cause i got to catch amanda palmer's live webcast of her recording her single "australia" in australia. lol! the feeling was so surreal man! and it was too legit. TOO LEGIT TO QUIT!

although at times i felt like a stalker watching her work. lol! nonetheless, AMANDA FUCKIN PALMER FTW!

btw, it started to rain when i was typing this blog entry halfway. i think God heard my constant whining and thought today would be a good day to have rain fall on earth. thank you God!

anyways, im gonna go watch evil dead for the 1293849595th time now. i shall leave this blog entry with a cute photo of silent hill ponies. toodles!


Saturday, February 27, 2010, 2:03 PM


finah ehsan photography & art

Friday, February 26, 2010, 2:02 PM
blog #11

its been so humid these past few days. cannot tahan. the husband and i had to sleep with two fans on. and arshavin and lutfi kept crying because of the heat.

i think its time for us to buy an air con.

anyways, i keep seeing news articles on tiger wood's apology to the public. one thing that kept going on in my mind was, "why the fuck did he have to apologise to the public?"

yeah, he had a few mistresses here and there. the one he should apologise profusely to is his wife. and maybe sponsors. but why the public? its his personal life, not the public's. then the public also like damn kaypoh. kept saying his apology wasnt sincere and shit. why the fuck do they care anyway? tiger wood's not your relative what.

merepek ah.

so back to my blog update. ive been working on my foto site on wix. its gonna get published soon. i just have to adjust a few things. so cant wait for that. another thing is ive decided to sell some stuff on ebay, but i cant really decide what to sell. thought of selling some customized note books. but i dont really know who would buy that shit.

i got to get back to editing. will update again soon.